Daniel Thomas MSc., B.Ost., BSc.

Registered Osteopath

I’ll be there when you need me…

Daniel grew up in Jersey and spent much of his childhood digging tunnels on the beach, before discovering a passion for rock-climbing on the cliffs at Grosnez.

After university he taught English in Japan for five years. After a chance encounter in a bar he started to learn shiatsu, a form of Japanese massage.  Intrigued by the potential for this kind of work to help people, he returned to Britain and trained to become an osteopath.

After graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in London, Daniel worked at the Kendal House Clinic in Lancashire for several years. During this time he was part of the medical team for Wharfedale Rugby Club and treated players on and off the pitch.

He also undertook training in treating pregnancy and children, and completed a MSc. in Paediatric Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Manchester.

Daniel uses a variety of techniques in his work (including spinal manipulation and cranial osteopathy).  He chooses his techniques according to the nature of the problem and whether the patient prefers strong or gentle treatments.

All of this comes with a good friendly chat and some advice on which exercises are best to help the problem.

Daniel enjoys a variety of sports including running, swimming and mountaineering, but hasn’t devoted as much time as he would like to sport since the arrival of his two lovely daughters.

However, being a dad has stimulated a new appreciation of the importance of sleep in the maintenance of health and recovery from injury and chronic pain!

Daniel also enjoys dance and teaches Lindy Hop and Charleston (check out our i-charleston Jersey video!).  This provides a great chance to observe how people move and acquire new movement patterns, which feeds into his work as an osteopath.

For Daniel an osteopathic treatment is more than just “fixing” a system of muscles and joints.  It’s an opportunity to discuss your body’s strengths and weaknesses, and then explore ways to move better and “dance” through daily work and play.

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