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Practising, rehearsing and being on stage is more than just a physical demand on the body. The emotional and even spiritual aspects of performing make assessing and treating musicians, dancers and singers a truly holistic undertaking.

As a member of OPACA (Osteopathic Performing Arts Care Association) I have a special interest in helping musicians, dancers and singers with problems that may be interfering with their performance.


Musicians have to maintain their posture for long periods while performing repetitive movements with great concentration and accuracy.  I still remember my back aching after hours hunched over my double bass at the back of the orchestra when I was younger.

Successful treatment often involves looking away from the sore area, at areas of weakness in the supporting foundational structures. It may require a series of exercises to strengthen the whole body or to change posture, as well as taking a fresh look at technique.

If possible, please bring your instrument with you when you come to your appointment.


Dancers have to embody the physicality of a top athlete with the emotional expression of a poet. This places a wide range of demands on the body, which may be subject to acute injury or long-term repetitive strain.

I perform and teach Lindy Hop, but I have an interest in all forms of dance, and look forward to helping you back to rehearsals as quickly as possible and back on stage performing to your best.


Singing is a whole-body activity.

The vocal cords are thin membranes (3-5mm) required to vibrate at up to 1,000 times per second as air is pushed upwards by the abdominal, intercostal and even pelvic floor muscles.

Postural issues lower in the body can affect what is happening higher up.  Adverse tension in the neck and shoulders can interfere with the delicate balance of tension around the larynx, or in the resonating chambers of the mouth, throat, nose and sinuses.

Osteopathic assessment and treatment is well-placed to solve problems and help you bring the best out of your voice.

Thanks to the following artists for sharing their images:

Kim Syvret, singing beautifully with her quartet at the Sunset Concert, 2018.

The Brian White Quartet, giving it loads at the Savoy on a Friday night.

Alicia Beck, Pilates & dance teacher, just having a normal day out on St Ouen’s beach.  Facebook: Alicia Dance Pilates


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